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Brand Development


Crux is a new protective clothing brand born in South America, and is inspired by the native cultures’ visual universe. They devote themselves to provide urban motorcycle riders the most protection and comfort, making the perfect integration between motorcycling, protection and culture.

As a startup, they want to build a brand that resonates with their target audience from day 1, delivering also a clear and consistent message and image, that helps communicate to both investors and audience its value and why to choose CRUX.


Getting hands on with CRUX, we developed a brand strategy that will help the business since before its launch, designing a Pitch Deck for invertors, Business Plan, and other assets that communicate their values and operations, as well as the overall design of the brand itself, including logo, style guide, identity and design system.


Once upon a time, in the heart of the city, there were fearless souls who roamed the open road on their trusty motorcycles. These modern-day wanderers were filled with a sense of exhilaration and a thirst for the wind in their hair. However, as they raced down the highways and byways, they faced a constant threat: the danger of the road.

That’s where Crux was born from. A brand that would focus on creating protective clothing for city motorcyclists that would not only keep them safe but also look good while doing it. The team at Crux poured their hearts and souls into designing and creating the perfect gear for urban riders. They knew that city riding required a different approach, with a focus on functionality and practicality.

With a commitment to innovation and design, Crux is devoted to develop protective clothing that blends seamlessly into the urban environment. From helmets to jackets, gloves to boots, every detail was carefully considered to ensure that riders could move through the city with confidence, knowing that they were protected by the best gear on the market. The unique style of Crux gear quickly caught on, and so, With Crux by their side, riders could focus on the freedom and exhilaration of the ride, while staying safe and protected in the city.


Our collaboration with Crux unfolded in a meticulous and passionate dance of entrepreneurship consultancy and brand crafting. We began by designing the business architecture—defining how Crux would operate, its structure, and business model. With the business foundation laid, we delved into the intricate world of brand strategy, uncovering the soul of Crux—its vision, purpose, audience, and discoverability.


Explore, innovate & redefine the motorcycle world.


Break the style paradigms of the motorcycling world, developing a style that reflects the personality of the motorcyclist on and off the road.


Breake the style paradigms of the motorcycling world, developing a style that reflects the personality of the motorcyclist on and off the road.


After a brand strategy was defined, now with enough knowledge as to what we wanted the brand to communicate, we started by one of the most overlooked assets of a brand, its name, did a naming module, landing the name CRUX, which as this is a venture born in South America, we wanted to honor this by naming it before the Southern Cross, or CRUX.

Logo Design

The visual design phase started as always with pencil and paper, by designing the logo, sketching, iterating, improving, and eliminating until the right option came up, right after a color palette, high contrast in nature was defined, as well as the typography to be used, and with that we have the basic ingredients for the new identity.


The result?…

A brand that is ready to make ripples in the industry. Having the basic ingredients, plus a comprehensible guide on how to use them, we now have an identity ready to be applied, so we put together some ideas as to how it would look and feel like utilizing applications like packaging, product details and more. Also created business assets that would later help the startup present their business idea to potential investors and possible team members as well.

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